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Dark of the Moon

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A very well rendered scene, now as an ultra-compressed gif animationMy latest experiment with gif animations and image compression.

(Also Check out the Killer Soundtrack)


Throne of Blood

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Yup. They don’t make ’em like that any more….

Art Where No-one’s Looking

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My friends have on more than one occasion commented on my eccentric taste in music, and how I listen to bands none has heard of. I usually reply by claiming that most people like bands more than their music. But quite frankly, the people who compose stuff I listen to can’t always be characterised as “bands” (and I don’t mean that in just the commercial sense).

I have often wondered how great artistic merit emerges out of places where no-one is looking. Not the popular media, not the critics. And these are being generated at an enormous rate. How can you NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS:

More pieces like these get rejected in monthly contests at deviant art and deleted than future archeologists will be able to uncover and catalogue.

How many literary critics have even heard of Planescape Torment?

How many short fiction enthusiasts are familiar with the art of quoting from fictitious books?

I have realised that most soundtracks on my playlists are ambient compositions meant for videogames. I think its high-time I published those that most frequently get listened to. So, here are the top 10 videogame tracks of all time (in no particular order):

  1. Underworld II (from the original UNREAL TOURNAMENT)
  2. Hell March 2 (from RED ALERT 2)
  3. Zerg Ambience 1 (from STARCRAFT)
  4. Rebel Base Theme 1 (from CRUSADER: NO REMORSE)
  5. Rain in the Night (from the original COMMAND AND CONQUER)
  6. At Doom’s Gate (from the original DOOM)
  7. Main Theme (from ADVENT RISING)
  8. Track 24 (from HALF-LIFE 2)
  9. Main Theme (from METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER)
  10. Main Theme (from TOMB RAIDER 4: THE LAST REVELATION)

So there you go. I have fulfilled my nonconformist quota for several lifetimes. Happy listening ^_,^