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Roberta’s Rifle Drill

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Roberta_rifle_drillFrom Roberta’ Blood Trail (Black Lagoon OVA). It bothered me that this didn’t exist, so I created it and put it here.

Notice the neat camera jerks during the close-ups, as if her motion is shaking our viewpoint up.


The Year Before Gradschool

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Given up on:

The sky above the port was the colour of Television, tuned to a dead channel.”

I’m re-reading Neuromancer ^_^

Great Minds – Epic Flame War

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Happened on 4chan in 2009.

Thought I’d make an accessible copy of this before it disappears completely from all other sources on the net.


Ganpats United

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The RSS would like to proudly promote a recent start-up by a close friend, Ganpats United. Be sure to check out their airline venture, Ganpat Airlines, where passengers don’t just fly, they play Ganpat Cards. End of post.

May the trip be with you. \m/

Cauliflower Chronicles

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It was a windy night on the beach. MG and Vaa were busy either chasing each other, or re-enacting one of those old Hindi romantic movies. We still don’t know which. Deb and I were standing with our feet in the wet sand, to let the tide wash over them every now and then. It was at this moment that Deb spotted a UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) in the water.

“What’s that?” Deb asked? “No idea,” I said, as we both moved in for a closer look. We found the object was very pale, almost white, with a quite complex structure. “Damn, I think it’s a shell!” exclaimed Deb. “I wonder what it feels like”. I exercised my imagination to come up with a description. “It must be all hard and all,” was the best I could come up with. Then, and idea struck me. “Dude, we should poke it. You know what, I’ll poke it.” And so I poked it. It wasn’t ‘all hard and all’. It was kinda squishy. like those bouncy balls. Rigid, but squishy. Then it hit me. “Deb, I think it’s a cauliflower.”

Join us next week for more vegetables washed ashore. May the trip be with you.

Double Bedroom Igloos

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A for Ass, B for Bog, C for Crap, yada, yada, yada…

This is an example of what you would find in an RSS alphabet book. Eager to finish the list, MG and Lolli racked their brains and reached the letter I. After a few moments of silence, Lolli burst out, “Ooh! I know! Igloo!” Seeing as this has nothing to do with the RSS, it was understandable that MG was confused. “What? Igloo? How is that related to a bum or crap or bogs?!” Lolli digested this point, and sat quietly for a few minutes, in deep contemplation. “Aha! Put two igloos together, it’ll look like a giant bum!” Giant bum-shaped double bedroom igloos. Long live the RSS, and may the trip be with you.

White Black-Buck

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The advantages of early morning joggin routine.