Random Shit Stall is an unlikely and unholy consortium of a small band of insane undergrads and alumni of IIT – Madras. Each have personal and private reasons for having participated in the experiment. Some are doing it FOR SCIENCE. To others, its the path to spiritual enlightenment. How and why this stall came into existence is still wildly disputed. The best we can offer is a measly consensus post.

And now, (/drumroll{}) the hamsters, in random order:

1> Aarathi alias “Mistressofprocrastination” alias “Aartsman”

Master of Arts student, insti basketball team-member and semi-professional guitarist. She isn’t one to wimp out on a weird hair-style, hates David Hume (hence the banner) and hopes to major in economics …… eventually …….

2> Bharath alias “Landscape” alias “Brat” alias “MG”

Aeronautical Engineering graduate, semi-professional drummer and music composer. Aero stud-boy MG is hypersensitive to being tickled above the hips. He peddles a mean double-bass.

3> Dileep alias “Trauma” alias “Traums”

Electrical Engineering graduate and semi-professional actor. The only RSS member with no musical talent whatsoever (as yet). This aspiring physicist writes, directs and acts in college plays. Right now in grad school at the University of Oregon, some parts of his brain age faster than normal.

4> Karthik alias “SOS”

Engineering Physics undergrad, amateur stage performer and hostel substitute bass-guitarist. We’re still trying to extract from him the inner meanings of “u2 kar bono”.

5> Hariharan alias “Lollipop” alias “lollipop89”

Engineering Physics undergrad, professional bass-guitarist and music composer. The Dick Feynman of composition and MG’s partner in crime. If you ever run into him, demand a bass-solo performance. Ask for a hammer on the G-String.

6> Vaaruni alias “Vaa” alias “Monkey” alias “Optimus Prime”

Master of Arts student, amateur pianist and Jazz vocalist. She involuntarily dances when singing, or not. Always the first one to run into the water at the beach. Legend has it that all her cousins are really pretty.

7> Siddharth alias “Deb (the babe)” alias “Bald president of Yugoslavia (Don’t ask)”

Naval Architecture graduate, sportsman and food connoisseur. Dude can play the G-chord better than Trauma, and lives to eat.  Oh, and he’s no longer bald. Now as long as we keep him far away from anything with four legs ……..

8> Randomshitstall alias “Flying Spagetti Monster”

Hivemind, the overmind, RSS collective conscience and Trickster God. Heed the noodly appendage.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. hahaha trippy descriptions! Cheers!
    May the trip be with you!

  2. […] Oh, belated birthday greetings, Traums! […]

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