Ganpats United

The RSS would like to proudly promote a recent start-up by a close friend, Ganpats United. Be sure to check out their airline venture, Ganpat Airlines, where passengers don’t just fly, they play Ganpat Cards. End of post.

May the trip be with you. \m/

6 Responses to “Ganpats United”

  1. Ganpat #1 Says:

    All passengers are requested to bring their own logs. After all, you have to sit somewhere.

  2. I feel alienated . . .

  3. #1 Ganpat Says:

    Check out our Space Shuttle Services also.. (We use the same airline but no logs and doors)

  4. Ganpat #1 Says:

    who moved m cheese!!

  5. lollipop89 Says:

    Cheese? Am I missing something?

  6. vetti fkrs enjoying the trips of life cocooned in the protective layers of academia

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