Drift Away (Short Fiction)

SHODAN: Resonance Cascade in t+12 seconds.
Resonance Cascade in t+15 seconds.
Resonance Cascade in t+18 seconds.
Resonance Cascade in t+21 seconds.
Resonance Cascade in t+24 seconds.
Resonance Cascade in t+27 seconds.
Resonance Cascade in …<Jet switches it off>

Spike: …. It is Done ….

<long Pause>

Jet: Spike!!!….. Talk to me…..

Spike: …. <sigh>… Pale……blue….circle….. drifting in nothingness…. Mighty Terra. The cradle of human civilization. The giver of life. Its …. interesting how its structure and coloring even at this scale
tends to appeal to our aesthetic senses,.. like colorful petals flowers evolved to attract insects…. I wish you could see this Jet! I don’t care WHO you are, if you happen to chance by drifting around these parts,
and you see a planet this beautiful, you HAVE to explore it. It’d be a good test of intelligence…… well…. at least I go down with a killer view!

Jet: Don’t talk like that man! You’ve had it worse before! Figure something out!!

Spike: Wake up Jet! I’m five times five orders of magnitude kilos from anywhere. I’m floating away faster than a speeding bullet, in an escape pod. I’ve got no supplies, no fuel, six hours of fresh air, and batteries so low it can barely support this comm. link. Its over man… You can’t win ’em all…

Jet: …. any… last requests?…..

Spike: hmmmm…. yeah, keep talking to me. I need to feed on conversation. If I don’t distract myself I risk insanity.

Jet: That’s it?! That’s you’re last wish? Nothing world changing? You did save it you know….. Twice….

Spike: Is that how you look at it? Say, this is a great time to finally experiment with self-intoxication isn’t it?

Jet: Well yeah… I mean, you did do it in secret the first time so only some of us know about it….

Spike: Ah yes…. some of you do….. the privileged maniacs I rounded together…. How does the crew smuggle champaign into orbit?? I’m sure they hide it somewhere in the life pod.

Jet: Liquid Nitro-Hatch in cargo-hold. Bottom-left of second Air-Lock. Which reminds me. What is to become of us? We’re without leader!

Spike: Disband then. What were we thinking, taking ourselves too seriously?! Just a bunch of rebellious juveniles in cool uniforms and deep accents playing super-heroes, try to usher in an age of anarchy in an already all too convoluted world. And now we’re older, not much wiser…. What’s Johnnie Walker Green?

Jet: Careful you’ll saturate your space with vapor. It’ll smell. So you want it all to end? Your legacy? …. Any…. regrets? I mean I always knew you wanted to die in a dramatic away, but this isn’t nearly violent enough. Its too, anti-climactic..

Spike: Regrets?! Nah… I think dying for a woman is a fine way to make an exit. I’m not too disappointed with the way things turned out in the end. Mmmm, Johnnie Walker smells goooood….

Jet: Is that how you look at it? Despite everything?? Don’t gulp it all in one go.

Spike: hey! Life can suck pretty hard at times. As long as you’re not being an A-hole to everybody else because of it, I think you’re doing fine.

Jet: You always did have an infinite capacity for sorrow….

Spike: Yes, well, I could have shared them with a trusted special someone if I had one of them, but they’d still be MY sorrows right? I think keeping to yourself isn’t as cowardly as it is made out to be. If fact, its rather selfless in my opinion. If anything, you’ll learn to become stronger. Dude!!! I’m looking at the Earth through a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green… and its AWESOME!!!! I don’t booze, and even I think this would make for a great poster.

Jet: So all those times we tried to get you to drink and you claimed you were waiting till you had nothing left to lose, you really were waiting till you had nothing left to lose!?

Spike: Duh! I was never ideologically against self-intoxication, I was just trying to live forever. Turns out thats too much to ask for. Anyhoo, alchohol doesn’t change who you are. It merely reveals who you truly are.

Jet: As does impending death. There’s someone here you need to hear.

Julia: Spike!….


Spike: Who….who let her in?….

Julia: …. I Love You….

<long pause>

Spike: …. Yeah, NOW she tells me!!!……

SHODAN: Comm. link, lost.
Attempting to connect. No response.
Attempting to connect. No response.
Attempting to connect. No response.
Attempting to connect. No response.
Attempting to connect. No response.
Attempting to conne… <Jet switches it off>

2 Responses to “Drift Away (Short Fiction)”

  1. Nice stuff! But yella ok, five times five kilos yaake? Surely there are cooler-sounding distance units 😛

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