On the steps of Tambi hostel, one amongst us had an epiphany, a revelation. Fortunately, I was able to witness it.

Three RSS members, namely Lolli, Vaa and I, were sitting on the steps of Tambi Hostel with friends when ‘Al-taf’ walked by. Hearing him being called ‘Al-thu’ or ‘Al-two’ by Vaaruni, set off Lolli’s legendary bulb-skills.

“Al-four minus one is Al-two. Al-two minus one is Al-one. Al-one is Al-Oh-En-Ee, that means he’s Alone.”

‘Nuff said.

3 Responses to “AL-arithmetic”

  1. The Automator Says:

    I wonder if this is what drove (H)Al 9000 bonkers.

  2. Certain other parties were also present. As were some Belgian chocolate waffles that somehow disappeared at the end of this epiphany.

  3. Mistressofprocrastination Says:

    I don’t get the (H)AL 9000 trip, but ok.
    And yes KM, you fall under the category of “friends of the RSS”. As for the Belgian waffles.. well…..

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