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Double Bedroom Igloos

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A for Ass, B for Bog, C for Crap, yada, yada, yada…

This is an example of what you would find in an RSS alphabet book. Eager to finish the list, MG and Lolli racked their brains and reached the letter I. After a few moments of silence, Lolli burst out, “Ooh! I know! Igloo!” Seeing as this has nothing to do with the RSS, it was understandable that MG was confused. “What? Igloo? How is that related to a bum or crap or bogs?!” Lolli digested this point, and sat quietly for a few minutes, in deep contemplation. “Aha! Put two igloos together, it’ll look like a giant bum!” Giant bum-shaped double bedroom igloos. Long live the RSS, and may the trip be with you.


The Rolemodel Series #1: Artists use lies to tell the truth

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These are scans of the first two pages of Chapter 8: Old Ghosts from the graphic novel “Watchmen”. I tried counting the number of conventions these two pages break, and learnt more about story-writing than by spending 20 hours reading how-to guides on the internet.

The last page in the novel ends in New York, where an editor complains about having to pull a two page column due to the new political climate. He asks his assistant to find some filler material, and the panel ends with the young man reaching towards a pile of discarded submissions, near the top of which is Rorschach’s journal. Watchmen is the only graphic novel on Time Magazine’s list of all-time greatest novels since 1923.

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White Black-Buck

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The advantages of early morning joggin routine.

The Water Tower Convention of 1973

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Saarang 2009. It was a cultural fest of epic proportions. Some say it was because Opeth came and played. But we know the true reason. The Random Shit Stall was born. On one fateful Saarang night, a combination of fun, fatigue, and lime mint coolers sent Lolli and MG on a trip so high, it put booze to shame. Aarathi, Deb, and Vaa were unfortunate enough to witness their trip.

Hit-the-bottle-with-the-bottle came to an abrupt stop after an unsuspecting lady’s, well, legs (as MG likes to think) fell victim to the game. Conversation then took a more serious turn, moving on to the matters of the Water Tower Convention of 1973. The Water Tower Convention of 1973 was a convention held in 1973 on top of the water tower of the class of 1974. Impossible, you say? Ha! Nothing is impossible for the RSS! Ehem… anyway, the main agenda of the convention was to discuss the substitution of brains with kidneys. No, we do not mean replacing your brain with a kidney (duh), but merely referring to the pink, squishy, quite intelligent organ in your head by another name. Other notable achievements of the convention include the replacement of bottles with pencils.

Further discussions between MG and Lolli led to the brilliant idea of starting a stall. “But what do we sell?” asked Lolli. “How about random shit? There’s enough of it lying around,” suggested Aarathi. “Brilliant!” yelled MG and Lolli, in unison, as they usually do. And so, (as I’ve already said) the Random Shit Stall was born. The RSS doesn’t physically exist. We don’t actually sell stuff. Don’t go googling us, trying to order things off the net. However, what we DO do is trip about random shit. Go figure. Whenever a trip is too trippy, it qualifies to be a part of the RSS, and is displayed as one of the members’ status messages.

Well, now you know what we do. May the trip be with you.


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On the steps of Tambi hostel, one amongst us had an epiphany, a revelation. Fortunately, I was able to witness it.

Three RSS members, namely Lolli, Vaa and I, were sitting on the steps of Tambi Hostel with friends when ‘Al-taf’ walked by. Hearing him being called ‘Al-thu’ or ‘Al-two’ by Vaaruni, set off Lolli’s legendary bulb-skills.

“Al-four minus one is Al-two. Al-two minus one is Al-one. Al-one is Al-Oh-En-Ee, that means he’s Alone.”

‘Nuff said.

The 1974 Revelation

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Dedicated to Varun “Popup” N. Ramakrishna …… cos’ “Saras is the Mothership!”

T’was right after Sharav Nite’08, roughly a year ago. Popup and I slipped out during the dance fest. Weren’t terribly interested in watching wing videos and neither of us boozed anyway (that changed for him soon after). I was leading him on one of these idea trails of mine again. We were going to do it. In the dead of night, we were going to climb 1974.

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